6 Lawn Care Tips to a Healthy Michigan Lawn

So how do you get the lawn you’re looking for? Here are a few lawn caretips from Sinacori Landscape located in Shelby Township, Michigan – a professional landscape design and lawn maintenance company.

  • Lawn Care Tip #1: Using fertilizers on your lawn is the essential step in lawn care maintenance but you have to understand what type of lawn you have and exactly what plant food to apply. Horticultural research indicates that the nitrogen in fertilizer may burn and damage your lawn, and once temperatures become greater, the likeliness of burning increases. To avoid damage to your lawn, go for a slow-release fertilizer with reduced nitrogen content. Be sure you stick to the instructions closely when applying it to your lawn.
  • Lawn Care Tip #2:  Do-water your lawn on a regular schedule, ideally just before the sun goes up in the early morning (around 5 a.m.). Moisture is most effectively absorbed during these times given that the temperature is comparatively cooler. If you have already planted a brand new lawn, you will generally have to water once a day so the seeds can grow and a very good solid root structure can develop. On average, this may take from 2-8 weeks, depending on the kind of grass seed you use and the season. In addition, it’s ideal to water deeply than watering too frequently. Regular, light watering creates a shallow-rooted lawn, which is not ideal for a healthy lawn.
  • Lawn Care Tip #3: Don’t-water your lawn prior to mowing your lawn. Lawn maintenance companies agree that you ought to water your lawn a day prior to lawn mowing to prevent the unsightly crowning at the end of your grass. If you water your lawn the day before you plan to mow will give the grass some time to recover and help make them appear nicer while they begin growing once again. Lawn mowing can also depend on the optimum height of the grass. Suggested lawn mowing heights are 2 1/2 inches for perennial ryegrass, 1 inch for bentgrass; and 3 inches for tall fescue.
  • Lawn Care Tip #4: Do-remove extra thatch. A thatch is the partly decomposed roots,  leaves, and grass stems located in between the green portion of a lawn as well as the top of the soil. Thatch issues are brought about by too much watering and fertilizing, infrequent lawn mowing, and regular pesticide usage. Surrounding shrubs and trees can also lead to thatches, particularly if they don’t get adequate water. Give much more water to lawns that have shrubs and trees in close proximity.
  • Lawn Care Tip #5: Do-design your landscape and lawn effectively. Design, preparation and planning are the keys, consider the current environment such as shrubs and trees, plants and foliage, sunshine, water and wind. The landscape design ought to guarantee that the water drains back to the ground’s water table. Walkways and patios should certainly be sloped so that water drains back into the lawn bed.
  • Lawn Care Tip #6: Do- Call the lawn maintenance service professionals at Sinacori Landscaping in Shelby Township, Michigan

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