Golf Course Landscape Maintenance – Tullymore, Michigan

Hello I’m Jason. I’m the operations manager for Sinacori Landscaping. I manage a golf course called Tullymore, which is located in Canadian Lakes. Tullymore is the top 15th golf course in the Nation. For the past five years Sinacaori Landscaping has been overseeing the construction, maintenance, and grounds, surrounding the golf course. This includes:

  • installation of landscaping
  • weekly cutting
  • fertilizing
  • sprinkler maintenance
  • shrub and tree trimming
  • landscape lighting

I have been in the landscape business for over 19 years and am knowledgeable in all areas of the industry. I am a CLT, which is a Certified Landscape Technician, and have certified licenses through the State of Michigan, which includes my 3A3B. If you are a golf course owner in Oakland or Macomb County, Michigan visit our website at or call us at (586) 677-6400.